My Story

Sharing our beautiful world through photography has become my passion! Photography enables me to see things differently, notice details more abundantly and appreciate my surroundings more fully. It provides a joy and peace in my life that can not be explained in words. I suppose that's where the phrase "A picture paints a thousand words" comes from!

 When people ask me what kind of photography I do, I find it hard to answer. I love to photograph anything that is beautiful, interesting or intriguing to me. I live on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada so there's lots to photograph in the great outdoors. I'm a country girl at heart who lives near the ocean so I love nature and beaches and things that are old and tell a story. I also love to travel and I have an amazing husband who helps me carry my gear (and takes photos of me while I take photos!)

I have no formal photography training - just a love of reading and learning and practicing new skills to improve my photography every day. I've always loved taking pictures but I didn't get seriously involved in photography until my kids left home and I needed some new interests and find a new purpose.

 I'm a person who likes change and I regularly vary the artwork in our own home to surround us with new views. There are so many interesting and wonderful things to see, which is where my photography motto comes from: "Change your mood, change your art...change your art, change your mood".