Seeing the light!

Photography books, blogs and many professionals will tell you that photographing in the middle of the day during harsh lighting is not a good idea. Some will go as far as to say "don't even bother, leave your camera in the bag." I agree that harsh lighting often doesn't create the best photos but for me, photography is much more than creating the perfect shot. Photography for me is about exploring new places, getting exercise, learning new things, spending time with people I love and generally just enjoying nature and taking a closer look at the beautiful world around me. It's also about seizing the moment!

So that's how I got here, to Jack Point. The weather forecast for the upcoming weekend didn't look great so I knew if we wanted to enjoy some sunshine we should head out after work. I have a friend who is a wonderful adventurer and I asked if she knew of a place nearby where there were wildflowers. She recommended Jack Point in Nanaimo. Little did I know, I would get to experience so much more than wildflowers! This is a beautiful park stretched along a narrow strip of land along the ocean near the Duke Point Ferry terminal. We have driven by many times and I didn't even know it existed! It was low tide and there were several spots where the trail took us down to the beach. There are trees and birds and flowers and unusual rocks and sculptures and amazing views! The trail is wide and there are steep stairs in a few places. It was about 6 km round trip from the parking lot. If you live in the central Vancouver Island area, I highly recommend this hike to breathe in the fresh air and escape into nature!