“Seeking beauty and joy through the trials of life”

What happens when you combine a love of photography, the beauty of a rose garden, the joy of little frog visitors and the celebration of cancer recovery? The Froggy Rose Project is born!

It is said that frogs in a garden are a sign of a healthy, natural ecosystem and that frogs are attracted to places where they feel protected and safe. That attraction has certainly been the case for me in my rose garden, which was planned and designed with the help of my family during the year of my cancer treatments. It is now a beautiful and joyous celebration of my recovery.

I cannot adequately describe the joy in my heart as each cane grows a stem, each leaf unfurls, flower buds emerge and open gracefully into a kaleidoscope of colourful blooms. Imagine my surprise as I discovered new little friends sharing my rose garden! Each morning in this ever-changing garden brings new gifts, including these tiny tree frogs! After many early morning wanders and a whole collection of photos, the “The Froggy Rose Project” was born! It's a boxed collection of six notecards and envelopes, each with a unique photo and blank on the inside for your own message (although I think some of these photos can write their own captions!) They're perfect for sending a short note and make a lovely gift. The natural Kraft boxes are completely recyclable.

My rose garden has become a sanctuary for me to find joy and to appreciate my life. These little green visitors have created an opportunity for me to use this gift to raise funds to help others who find themselves on their own cancer journey. Proceeds from “The Froggy Rose Project” notecards will be donated to the BC Cancer Foundation. My heartfelt thanks to you for supporting this project to help save lives like mine.